Spacemusic #37 Lucid Dreams

(!ATTENTION! This Episode can cause a sudden sleepy situation!)DREAMS...Who doesn't have them? When you're in-sync with yourself and your environment, Lucid Dreams will let you 'control' your Life, both the real-one and the dreamed state of the art. This week's episode is a non-stop mix of particular feelings like love, suggestions, feedback and desire; Ambient tracks with a warm and gentle twist! At the end of this show you will probably say " Hey, is this a dream?" All love and peace to my beloved; everyone on this globe taking the time to reflect our life and listen to this week's Spacemusic Episode. From Rotterdam, Take care and thanks a lot! -TC

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #37
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #37 - Lucid Dreams
02:00 Off the Sky plays 'Through time stained Windows'
08:30 The Orb plays 'Dilmun'
11:52 Lomov plays 'Windwalzer'
17:44 Sgnl Fltr plays ' Glacion'
24:40 Jlo plays 'Bambi'
29:09 Mortesium plays 'Dream State'
33:25 Mistrial plays 'Amoureux'
36:00 Blamstrain plays 'Reimari'
42:01 Mortesium plays 'The Sleeper Awakens'
45:43 Chronolux plays 'Fractional'
50:49 The Circular Ruins plays 'Empathytest'
55:12 Off the Sky plays 'Winter Torpid Flow'
58:03 To be back in Holland again....

* Big shoutout to Rijnmond for hosting Spacemusic LIVE on air on October 7th...
* It's so good to be 'back' cause of the lovely feedback by Spacemusic Listeners!
* Next show: October 15th 2005

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