Spacemusic #38 My place or Yours?

People meet people. Women meet men. Men meet women. This is a lovely way for sharing certain feelings; love, joy, anger, fear, sorrow, pain, happyness...very natural indeed and this can even be big fun:-) When you meet someone new, this -click- doesn't always come as standard with the whole package. A Lack of interest maybe, another way of living that you both have, a big difference between ages or whatever reasons. But when the magical -click- actually appears, you could go and enter the next level...Step into the light that today's show brings you! Exploring the other person and observe real close what he/she is feeling. Don't be afraid of something new is the motto here. Open-up and let your heart speak and be honest with eachother. Ofcourse this is easier said than done but hey! When you do...You might get at a certain point in this exciting story where you'll ask 'My place or Yours?' love *TC*

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #38
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #38 - My place or Yours?
01:11 'Seed of Steel' by Planet Boelex
08:49 Hi! Family Box for 15 euro brings us 3 days of good food...
10:50 'My life in ecstacy' by Navarro
14:06 'Iriaho' by ENVitre
20:35 'New Life' by James Bernard
26:11 Pete Namlook introduces us to the 'Master of the Sky'
34:24 'Ntr T Nw Wrld' by Jochem Paap and Pete Namlook (!)
38:02 Planet Boelex revisits us... with 'Shower Curtain'
44:11 'Mindlab' by Pete Namlook (don't we just love his music..?!)
53:15 'The Spaceman with the Fruit pie' by Planet Nett vs. Spintronic
59:47 The Tracklist for today's show and some comment....Thanks for listening!

* Big shoutout to all people that responded on show #37 (Lucid Dreams)
* Samuel Edsall for the illustration of this week's episode!
* Cabguy for driving with Spacemusic on the speakers...
* Melissa for sharing thoughts & feelings :-)
* Next show: October 22nd 2005

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