Spacemusic #60 License to Chill From Rotterdam: this is the last Spacemusic Podcast for the time being. Tune-in everybody, download as much as you can! Artists like Ascian, Recue, Navarro, S.G. Schubert, Ysa Ferrer.... Quality ambient. great soundtracks and thrilling spacemusic during this extra long episode, especially made for this occasion.

Big thanks to:
Databloem Records: Dennis Knopper and Anthony Paul Kerby
Digitally Imported Radio: James Colin (this show will be broadcast via the ambient-channel on Monday, June 19th 20:00 CET)

Tnx all Listeners for support/ downloading/ donating and believing in the Spacemusic Podcast, your comments, e-mails, hours and hours of listening...

I've been producing this show for 15 months now. Hours of listening to electronic music, downloading, searching for the right stuff to put on my show. Very tough sometimes. Tough because of my definition of ' spacemusic' . I only podcast music when the music moves me. Moving music in such a way that I really remember the song after hearing it only once... That makes the music folder complete with all good tunes inside of it. However, Spacemusic Podcasts consists of more than that -a flow-.  A Story. A chance to tell people what i want to share with them: feelings/events/thoughts that are being reflected by those hi-quality tunes.

The best results? 'Lucid Dreams' , 'Around the World in 33 minutes...' , 'Honour the Victims...' , 'VERGI Hotel' , 'Motion of the Stars series', 'Like a Prayer' , 'Happy New Music Year' , 'Farmerland' and today's show. The soundseeing tours are definately one of my favourites, though not every listener appreciates all the talking while great music is in the background!

Anyway, I hope the overall content of 60 shows has been an interesting adventure for the public and people will remember the unique ambiance of the Spacemusic Podcast. I know it helps lots of listeners to relax and decompress from stress and daily hurries and that's great to hear! Creativity survives and will result in another project this year so my guess is... it's worth to stay tuned.

Thanks! *TC*
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