Around the World in 33 minutes...

We go into orbit around Earth and other beautiful places. Possibly you have never been here before LIVE with *TC*. Inspiring and relaxing episode of Spacemusic on todays 33 minute flight. -Houston, we have a Podcast! - and its great...

Picture displayed: Yours Truly staring at camera.

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Easter in Space!

Welcome! After a convincing presentation by the Apple crew in Hilversum, TC now mixes his tunes and ambiances using Logic. Today's mix of electronic music turned out 2B a trip to the essence of qualitytime: add some 'logic' to your work but always remember to preserve the good vibes...

Easter in Space, all systems activated, ready for lift-off! This is Rotterdam on the 25th of March 2005.

Picture displayed: Screenshot Apple Logic Express 7.

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Montevideo Rotterdam, the Sky is the Limit!

DO NOT GET AIRSICK on this World Water Day...Introducing enormous heights during a soundseeing tour in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Excellent weather by the way, spring just got started. Check out and learn more about working, living and shopping in space.

This tour was recorded on march 21st and audiomixed a day later. We've got company like Pscychetropic, Magic Sound Fabric and Peru. Very chilled audio experiences during your first days of spring! Don't you love it? :=)

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