Spacemusic #28 Motion of the Stars (II)

The Summer Series Special part II; Spacemusic brings you (new)talented (electronic) musicians from all over the world. On today's show: Sonarfreq from the UK. The first half an hour of this episode contains the very best relaxing ambient and soundtrack files by Selffish, Stormloop, Randall Cousins and many others... Enjoy the music and thank you for supporting the Spacemusic podcast!

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Spacemusic #27 London Tube

Same place, same images, same terror, for Gods sake...Stop it! London Tube - for the second time in a very short period - this episode of Spacemusic is dedicated to all people involved/ victims of attacks. Unfortunately, not only London is on the list of these SICK and INSANE terrorists.

To all healthy people out there: Let's keep in mind to stay cool and alert. Bomb attacks may not get in control of our thoughts and feelings! Some more love, from Rotterdam, to you, enjoy today's show, which is TC's birthday by the way :-)

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Spacemusic #26 Motion of the Stars (I)

Spacemusic Summer Series Special...a mouth full of the greatest entertainment! Spacemusic launches the -Motion of the Stars- series. Great new music you've probably never heard before! Upcoming and talented musicians telling you about themselves, about their daily life and what makes them compose and perform good tracks. Today is part I/V: elipsis1 from North Carolina, USA. All details and information is now available on your screen! Spacemusic offers you an ENHANCED PODCAST, don't try this at home... Cheers! TC

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Spacemusic #25 Deja Vu

The greatest Spacemusic! #25 is online now. A journey to the ultimate spacemusic quadrant brings you a nice compilation of previously podcasted sounds. A full hour of relaxing electronic music. Tracks by Sonarfreq, James Bernard, Mutagene, Spielerei and many more! Everyone's invited. For all these moments so very valuable in your daily life...because the world is more than just this planet.

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