Spacemusic #35 food for fun

35 times your favourite music and entertainment...from Rotterdam! You like food too? Do you want to know all about tomatoe and cheese improvising? Today's Spacemusic episode is all about yammi tastes:-) and the fun it brings us. While you're listening this podcast, Spacemusic had lift-off to Cyprus for holiday celebration! Watch out for reports later on. That is ofcourse, after we've returned to Rotterdam. By the way, we fly HELIOS AIRWAYS(!) so we're not sure to return anyway. Travel details: Friday sept. 16th 2005 - 12:00PM - flight ZU573/2 Amsterdam-Larnaca

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #35
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #35 - food for fun
00:48 'Among Plants' by Mosaik
06:27 Spacemusic Gmail account + hungry!
12:00 'We all fall down' by Lammergeyer
17:31 'Sirasancerre' by Bola
20:35 potatoes,beef,vegetables,apples,tomatoe snacks, don't forget Basilicum Pesto!
26:36 'Planea' by Fernando Lagreca
31:32 'Bloomsday' by MOC
35:50 'Through Time Stained Windows' by Off the Sky
42:54 'Pleasure Principal' by Jean-michel Jarre
48:52 Playlist for today's show...
51:57 'Cold distances to a warm plate' by Off the Sky

* Next show: October 1st 2005 because of the Spacemusic vacation
* Thank you all for donations and voting!
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Spacemusic #34 Private Dancer

Late September Summer here in the Netherlands, lots of hi temperatures, lots of sweat and again some heavy thunderstorms last night...Like the music for today's show: uptempo with an unpredictable twist! Private Dancer brings you a nice groovy flow of (most)podsafe dancemusic followed by some serious chillout. Have a look into the 'songtext tab' in iTunes for the Music Cue Sheet. Don't pay attention to this cold I had while doing the show, you'll be sweating anyway!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #34
00:00 'I found you' by Interstate
04:22 Welcome to Spacemusic #34 - UPTEMPO!
05:24 'Seratone' by Jason Corder
11:22 'FLushbed' by Benfay (Jason Corder REMIX)
17:18 'Deja Hue' by Jason Corder
25:10 'Laguna' by Brian Cage
29:00 'Ride' by Timm Kawohl
34:00 'Acid Eifel' by Choice
45:30 'Ebb&Flow' by Off the Sky
47:50 'Chill in Chill out' by Tetsu Inoue
58:00 brings me Joy / Tracklist for today's Show

* Info: opening #31 - Costa Europa / Vangelis performs 'Alexander'
* Thank you all for donations!
* Thank you for Voting for Spacemusic at
* Hot days combined with the cold....brings you SWEAT :-(
* Next show: September 17th 2005

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Spacemusic #33 Motion of the Stars (IV)

Spacemusic is always looking for good music, talented artists, electronic musicians, ambient lovers, atmospheric enrichments...The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer projects is just what you need to hear! Cinematic and Atmospheric Ambient Music, all Databloem releases. "continuously exploring and after a mood, a wonderful movie about yourself!" (TC)

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #33
00:00 Welcome to Episode #33 - Motion of the Stars part IV
03:47 'Sway" by Sketch
14:47 Interview with APK (I)
17:35 'Holiday in Reality' by TCR
22:30 Interview with APK (II)
25:25 'Where the Sea ends' by Lammergeyer
30:05 Interview with APK (III)
31:25 'Degrees of Separation' by TCR
38:42 Interview with APK (IV)
40:46 'Harmonic' by Lammergeyer
45:10 Interview with APK (V)
48:26 'The Dead' by TCR
53:12 Web&Mail - Thanks APK!
54:36 'The Circle of Life' by TCR

All information and details about THE CIRCULAR RUINS / LAMMERGEYER

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