Spacemusic #40 The Radiocast (I)

NSFW - but perfectly OK for a good night of partymusic! Spacemusic proudly presents: The Radiocast LIVE from Rotterdam. Uptempo tracks performed by many artists, dance, trance, breakbeats and more... The actual broadcast will be online at soon (mp3/podcast). Details will follow. Many thanks to all people making this dream come true, you know who you are.

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #40
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #40 - The Radiocast (I) (((((NSFW/16+ ))))
00:34 The KLF - What time is love?
05:29 The Exact Radio Show Soundtrack on this podcast
06:10 Marko Fuerstenberg - Eissequenzer
09:14 4 Strings - Moving Guitar
14:56 Signum - The Timelord
23:28 Armin van Buuren - Wall of Sound
29:20 DJ Sasha - Bloodlock
36:41 Martin Donath - Plateau White District
39:48 Humate - Love Stimulation
45:21 DJ Tiesto - Just be
52:25 Private State - First

* Big shoutout to all people at RTV Rijnmond Studios for making this Spacemusic broadcast possible
* Debby for wonderful Partylistin'...You Rock&Sound good:-)
* Dennis for taking care of excellent ambientworks
* All Spacemusic listeners for voting -UPTEMPO- for this show
* Next show: November 5th 2005 - The Radiocast part deux ?

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Spacemusic #39 Motion of the Stars (Final-V)

The Final Episode of our series: 'Motion of the Stars' part V. Featuring Jason Corder (Off the Sky)- LIVE from Kentucky USA we hear this interesting (electronic)musician full of great ideas and soundpatterns. Sitting in a cafe talking about his week, his thoughts and why he's doing lots of styles - groovy, ambient, dark, obscure...enjoy this full hour show together with Jason and TC!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #39
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #39 - Motion of the Stars (Final -V)
03:43 Nonlineair Surface Tensions
08:51 Interview with Jason Corder: the beginning...
11:44 Beneath the Ice Shelf
20:48 Interview with Jason Corder: picture his week...
23:23 Seratone (Rework)
29:11 Interview with Jason Corder: observing and looking at the world...
31:12 Gyre of Time
34:23 Through time stained Windows
41:42 Interview with Jason Corder: Upcoming projects...
44:20 Makers Folly
52:43 Steamtunnel
58:02 Interview with Jason Corder: Website and details
58:57 Agonic Drift

* Big shoutout to Jason Corder! Keep them coming...:-)
* Prelisten his tracks at Databloem Records
* Thanks for listening to the Motion of the Stars series
* Spacemusic broadcast on October 29th, just after midnight...
* Next show: October 29th

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Spacemusic #38 My place or Yours?

People meet people. Women meet men. Men meet women. This is a lovely way for sharing certain feelings; love, joy, anger, fear, sorrow, pain, happyness...very natural indeed and this can even be big fun:-) When you meet someone new, this -click- doesn't always come as standard with the whole package. A Lack of interest maybe, another way of living that you both have, a big difference between ages or whatever reasons. But when the magical -click- actually appears, you could go and enter the next level...Step into the light that today's show brings you! Exploring the other person and observe real close what he/she is feeling. Don't be afraid of something new is the motto here. Open-up and let your heart speak and be honest with eachother. Ofcourse this is easier said than done but hey! When you do...You might get at a certain point in this exciting story where you'll ask 'My place or Yours?' love *TC*

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #38
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #38 - My place or Yours?
01:11 'Seed of Steel' by Planet Boelex
08:49 Hi! Family Box for 15 euro brings us 3 days of good food...
10:50 'My life in ecstacy' by Navarro
14:06 'Iriaho' by ENVitre
20:35 'New Life' by James Bernard
26:11 Pete Namlook introduces us to the 'Master of the Sky'
34:24 'Ntr T Nw Wrld' by Jochem Paap and Pete Namlook (!)
38:02 Planet Boelex revisits us... with 'Shower Curtain'
44:11 'Mindlab' by Pete Namlook (don't we just love his music..?!)
53:15 'The Spaceman with the Fruit pie' by Planet Nett vs. Spintronic
59:47 The Tracklist for today's show and some comment....Thanks for listening!

* Big shoutout to all people that responded on show #37 (Lucid Dreams)
* Samuel Edsall for the illustration of this week's episode!
* Cabguy for driving with Spacemusic on the speakers...
* Melissa for sharing thoughts & feelings :-)
* Next show: October 22nd 2005

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Spacemusic #36 VERGI HOTEL

Almost 4 hrs of flying from Amsterdam... Cyprus. This is the Spacemusic report LIVE from this Island during our vacation. Lots of sunshine and high temperatures, around 33C. Beautiful people, great food, excellent climate, perfect for relaxation and back to nature. However, not very nice for your bankaccount, Cypriot Pounds flow like crazy! Enjoy today's show and look for details into the mp3 (Songtext tab) Cheers everybody

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #36
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #36 - VERGI HOTEL (live...from Cyprus)
03:00 Take-off!
03:36 Prophetrance (demomix, don't ask us title cause we don't have any clue...)
06:41 Anyma plays 'I am'
10:47 Somewhere on the beach...(33C.air/26C.water)
17:23 Randall Cousins plays 'Distant Memories'
20:10 Mosaik plays 'Plateau'
24:12 Snakes and Chameleon
26:45 Vangelis plays 'Monastery of La Rabida'
29:55 Edward Shearmur plays '4th of July'
33:30 Mantacoup plays 'Bern'
35:00 L.S.G. plays 'Concatenation'
42:54 Pete Namlook plays 'The night before I left'
52:10 Arrival at the Vergi Hotel for the last evening
55:20 Roger Sanchez plays 'Another Chance'
59:45 Wil je 'm ook even aaien..? ***

* Many thanks to all people on the Island of Cyprus
* Helios Airways = a very pleasant flight my friends!
* Big shoutout to Debby and Ferry for company and great cappucino drinking :-)
* Next show: October 8th

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