Spacemusic #60 License to Chill From Rotterdam: this is the last Spacemusic Podcast for the time being. Tune-in everybody, download as much as you can! Artists like Ascian, Recue, Navarro, S.G. Schubert, Ysa Ferrer.... Quality ambient. great soundtracks and thrilling spacemusic during this extra long episode, especially made for this occasion.

Big thanks to:
Databloem Records: Dennis Knopper and Anthony Paul Kerby
Digitally Imported Radio: James Colin (this show will be broadcast via the ambient-channel on Monday, June 19th 20:00 CET)

Tnx all Listeners for support/ downloading/ donating and believing in the Spacemusic Podcast, your comments, e-mails, hours and hours of listening...

I've been producing this show for 15 months now. Hours of listening to electronic music, downloading, searching for the right stuff to put on my show. Very tough sometimes. Tough because of my definition of ' spacemusic' . I only podcast music when the music moves me. Moving music in such a way that I really remember the song after hearing it only once... That makes the music folder complete with all good tunes inside of it. However, Spacemusic Podcasts consists of more than that -a flow-.  A Story. A chance to tell people what i want to share with them: feelings/events/thoughts that are being reflected by those hi-quality tunes.

The best results? 'Lucid Dreams' , 'Around the World in 33 minutes...' , 'Honour the Victims...' , 'VERGI Hotel' , 'Motion of the Stars series', 'Like a Prayer' , 'Happy New Music Year' , 'Farmerland' and today's show. The soundseeing tours are definately one of my favourites, though not every listener appreciates all the talking while great music is in the background!

Anyway, I hope the overall content of 60 shows has been an interesting adventure for the public and people will remember the unique ambiance of the Spacemusic Podcast. I know it helps lots of listeners to relax and decompress from stress and daily hurries and that's great to hear! Creativity survives and will result in another project this year so my guess is... it's worth to stay tuned.

Thanks! *TC*
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Spacemusic #59 File under INSOMNIA Music you might have heard during a dream ... or was it when you were awake? Hi! Welcome to a new Spacemusic world - File under INSOMNIA - based on a true story. Incredible good tracks performed by Recue, I Awake, Loscil, DreamSTATE and many others. Beautiful collexxion of electronic music artists to keep you company whenever it suits you. Have a good night of sleep after the show.
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Spacemusic #58 Great Expectations Music = music ; Electronic Music = Great Expectations --- Our world is full of stories. Stories composed by events themselves, whatever part of this globe you are... everybody knows them by heart. The good and the bad. This episode is about leaving your 'known' bag with history behind for a moment...then fill-up a new box with the best and most positive wishes you can imagine. Live your dream, live your passion and come up with (probably) unexpected ideas and solutions. Isn't this what life should be all about? Spacemusic #58 supports you with love... because, there's already enough damage and garbage waiting for you if you're just waiting for things to happen... accept this show and feel good. Explore! Take care.
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Spacemusic #57 The Shy, the Sad and the Busy Your bi-monthly (delicious) electronic entertainment from Rotterdam! Today's theme: busy people on this globe. Letting their computers do the downloading, full stop. Silence covers the sky. Killing us softly. New thing to explore! More action. Try our new and unique tool at the Spacemusic Podcasting website: the MessageBox -  where you may respond to our shows, say hi to everyone and exchange 'life'... Your voice on our podcast; real Podcast Interaction, have fun with it! Thanks: photo by Mike Kazmierczak (USA, TC's place near Clayton)

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Spacemusic #56 Mellow Moods The perfect grooves for your perfect day. After a very ambient session in 'Lucid Dreams 2' it's time for some movements... A great substitute for the low temperature in The Netherlands and other countries: people are slidely going mad here! April is way too cold in Holland. Absorb today's show and try the Xtreme tasty 'Tuna Delight' (infosheet#56) for powering-up your body and soul again... It's for free: Mellow Moods
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Spacemusic #54 Pandora's Box Let's share together today: the most beautiful electronic music, human beings were able to spot potential liquid water on a Saturn moon, a little story 'bout this gorgious and first mortal woman made out of earth and water and a nice meal to satisfy your hungry needs! Splendid surprises all within today's Spacemusic box. Take it easy, don't eat too much...
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Spacemusic #52 Destiny...

Who knows about our Destiny? Did you ever feel like you've been at a place somewhere before? A Place where you did feel safe? "Hey, I know I'm on the right track" and all's coming together like a huge positive energy inside your body & mind? Maybe, you've been experiencing some sort of Destiny... If this makes you feel that good...why run away from it and change Destiny? Enjoy today's episode of the Spacemusic Podcast: comfortable and safe. 100% Podsafe ofcourse :-)

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Spacemusic #51 Farmerland

Impressions. Today on the Spacemusic Podcast, enjoy sights and sounds together with TC as he 's visiting BERCY in PARIS. He's visiting BERCY for a reason ofcourse: Mylene Farmer is doing her LIVE concerts 'Avant Que L'Ombre...' only in Bercy. Concerts for 13 times in Bercy completely sold out!

Mylene Farmer, NRJ Award winner for ' Best French Artist' and her album 'Avant Que L'ombre...". The most famous French Pop Diva on this planet right now and Spacemusic makes a tribute to her for this special occasion. What's the match with Spacemusic? Just listen, a TC's soundscape for your mind, body and soul.

Inspired by Paris, inspired by Mylene and the fantastic trip to Bercy, Spacemusic will bring you a reflection of this journey on today's Spacemusic show #51!

Check out pictures of the Bercy-trip HERE

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Spacemusic #50 Crossroads

The NEW Spacemusic format for 2006 is a fact! -Crossroads- brings you ambient, lounge, soundtracks, atmospherics...all together in the AAC/chapter style. MP3 is history :: read our lips :: The adventure continues, 100% podsafe with tracks by Ochre, Anyma, Nicola Hitchcock (Yes, the voice of Mandalay) Many thanks to all listeners sending us e-mail with best wishes for 2006. You know who you are. Next show: end of January 2006.

>>> photo by: Marco Molitor <<

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Spacemusic #49 Happy New Music Year!

Here it is... Part II of the Special Spacemusic Podcast on New Year's Eve! Meet Rotterdam with lots of fireworks, greetings on the show by Spacemusic listeners and lots, lots of very hi-quality (uptempo)music... Meet the kind of balls as illustrated on the picture, we eat those things especially on New Year's Eve, we call them 'Oliebollen'. Tastes very sweet and stimulating, like this first podcast for 2006! Cheers everyone!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #49
00:00 Welcome Back...! Spacemusic #49 New Year's Eve part 2
01:42 Planet Boelex - Beskraj website
06:36 Windows are Wide Open!
10:00 Point of origin = Rotterdam/The Netherlands...let the Party begin! (no more details)

*** HAPPY NEW YEAR *** to all Spacemusic Listeners and everybody out there...
Thank you for listening to this DOUBLE Spacemusic Episode

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