Spacemusic #52 Destiny...

Who knows about our Destiny? Did you ever feel like you've been at a place somewhere before? A Place where you did feel safe? "Hey, I know I'm on the right track" and all's coming together like a huge positive energy inside your body & mind? Maybe, you've been experiencing some sort of Destiny... If this makes you feel that good...why run away from it and change Destiny? Enjoy today's episode of the Spacemusic Podcast: comfortable and safe. 100% Podsafe ofcourse :-)

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Spacemusic #51 Farmerland

Impressions. Today on the Spacemusic Podcast, enjoy sights and sounds together with TC as he 's visiting BERCY in PARIS. He's visiting BERCY for a reason ofcourse: Mylene Farmer is doing her LIVE concerts 'Avant Que L'Ombre...' only in Bercy. Concerts for 13 times in Bercy completely sold out!

Mylene Farmer, NRJ Award winner for ' Best French Artist' and her album 'Avant Que L'ombre...". The most famous French Pop Diva on this planet right now and Spacemusic makes a tribute to her for this special occasion. What's the match with Spacemusic? Just listen, a TC's soundscape for your mind, body and soul.

Inspired by Paris, inspired by Mylene and the fantastic trip to Bercy, Spacemusic will bring you a reflection of this journey on today's Spacemusic show #51!

Check out pictures of the Bercy-trip HERE

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