Spacemusic #48 The Best of 2005

Good evening! From Rotterdam we present the Special edition of the New Year's Eve podcast. Spacemusic looks back at 2005 with the best tracks smoothly coming through the speakers :-) Off the Sky, Sonarfreq, Planet Boelex and other great electronic / ambient music. We kick-off with Casave snacks as we slowly move towards... New Year at 0:00 hrs. First enjoy part1, tomorrow there will be part2. Audio feedback is still very welcome, send us your best wishes now! MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF to: Prepare for the New Year celebration, via the Spacemusic Podcast. Cheers everyone! Local time now = 6:11 PM december 31st 2005

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #48
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #48 -The best of 2005-
03:35 Off the Sky - Cold distances to a warm place website
09:12 Sonarfreq - Omnipresence website
12:15 Off the Sky - Red Tides
18:04 ENV(itre) - Qulina
19:53 Rymdlego - I realize
24:03 Planet Boelex - Swamp Gas pt. 2 website
27:08 Xhale - Earlier Today
32:50 Journeyman - MaMa 6
40:48 Off the Sky - Through time stained Windows
44:22 Late Night Snacks...
45:50 James Bernard - Euph website

For the conclusion:
download Spacemusic #49..... available as soon as possible :-)

Cheers everyone!

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Spacemusic #47 Like a Prayer

Almost done with this year...We pray for your health and wisdom. Christmas Eve brings you a very pleasant mix of the best ambient and electronic music. Lots of candlelights, relaxing atmosphere, helping you to -get out for a moment- especially during your Christmas holidays! Tune in and enjoy 100% podsafe tracks by Anyma, Frodefisk, Spielerei and many more... All warmth and best wishes to you listeners, from Pluto till the Sun, that's what has to be done... Merry Christmas and enjoy listening to Spacemusic #47 -Like a Prayer-

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #47
00:00 Jingle Bells! Burps...JoHo!
00:44 Welcome to Spacemusic #47 - Like a Prayer-
03:23 Color by Numbers - Opus momentus
07:19 Brett Hutcheson - Valley of the Ice Castles
12:30 Gulan - Cosmophonia
15:41 Anyma - I am
19:35 Rettward von Doernberg - Night Drive
25:12 Frodefisk - Gateway of India
30:00 Anyma - Free me
35:08 Selffish - Elusive
40:42 Frodefisk - ID Submerged
43:40 Spielerei - Renovation
46:46 Sonic7 - The Day the Earth stood still
52:19 James Bernard - Seque 3 (New Life)
55:00 Tracklist for the Christmas Episode...
59:50 James Bernard - Nostalgic Moment

Next Show: December 31st 2005 - New Year's Eve

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Spacemusic #46 Dark Side of the Mood

Too bad we're not allowed to play any music we want... ofcourse all podcasting people are familiar with this stupid rule! The BUMA organisation here in The Netherlands doesn't offer any kind of regulation for podcasting music. They promised us a construction, paying a monthly fee and in return playing all available music. This was a couple of months ago but now... even musicians are not allowed to play their own songs on a podcast !!! Are they for real ?!

Today's show is 100% podsafe and hi-quality. Many thanks to all artists! Music performed by the Overkillers, Turnus, Migloje, TC and many more...Enjoy this hour and let's hope everything turns out fine #46 -The Dark Side of the Mood-

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #46
00:00 Welcome! Spacemusic #46...Dark Side of the Mood
03:37 Overkillers - Overkillers for Spacemusic Overkillers Website
08:30 Digitalis - Basis
11:54 Turnus - Distances
18:20 Turnus - Valedictions II
23:20 Spintronic - Electrostatic
28:10 Migloje - Melloyya
32:21 TC - Navigator Spacemusic Website
42:15 Navarro - Dors Bien
45:48 Mantacoup - Bern Databloem Releases
46:59 Mosaik - Papillio
51:24 Nice coffee :-) Senseo and the tracklist for today's show...

picture show #46 taken by Marco from Germany >>many thanks<< and edited by Yours Truly
Next show: december 24th 2005 ***Xmas-Eve***

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Spacemusic #45 Speechless

December 2005; another year has almost passed by. Let's celebrate and have good times with friends, family and our beloved. Spacemusic wants to share with you one of the greatest gifts of life, especially during this time of the year: MUSIC. Today's podcast contains a full hour of electronic entertainment, music only... "Speechless". For You.

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #45
00:00 Motionfield - Falling in stillness
02:10 Motionfield - Northern Sky
06:46 Migloje - Nashtee
10:34 Planet Boelex - Planet Bee
18:25 Benfay - Allein unter den Arkaden
24:50 Sternenspringer - Condition
29:16 Sense - Plink
31:56 M'Grund - Ist wohl mehr positiv
36:25 M'Grund - Induvish
39:41 Spielerei - Mistaken Identity
42:30 The Circular Ruins - Realm of Possibility (IX)
46:42 Amir Baghiri - Lonosphere
52:00 Migloje - Ammbisso Flat
56:56 Migloje - Acee

(picture show #45 taken by Timo from Finland, many thanks!)

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Spacemusic #43 Rendez-Vous

Where? On your player or computer. What time? When it suits you. What's it about? Electronic Entertainment...from Rotterdam. Today's show #43, meet Navarro, James bernard, Normally Invisible and TC on screen...An extra dimension brought to you by Thank you for subscribing and staying with us!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #43
00:00 Isao Tomita - The girl with the flaxen hair
03:31 Welcome to Spacemusic #43 *Rendez-Vous* (live
04:55 Navarro - Hope and Time
08:27 Navarro - Jeudi
12:48 James Bernard - Segue 5 (newest release 'New Life')
14:32 James Bernard - Song for my Girls (Baby's coming up!)
20:26 Sternenspringer - Next Station
25:57 Mindflower - Dropdown
30:45 Normally Invisible - What Remains (Buy Album)
38:00 Selffish - demo
43:23 Subradial - Travelling (Databloem release)
50:43 Tracklist for today's show...choose for audio/video! LOL!

* Shoutouts to: James Bernard * Selffish * Navarro
* The videocast:
* Thank you all for comment and donations!
* Next show: November 26th 2005
* All feedback =

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Spacemusic #42 Between Realities

"There's no other reality but your own", once I've heard this line and it sticks with me forever. So this means, everybody has a different version of 'reality' as people are all different. Many different thoughts, feelings and points of view; Spacemusic in search of these so called spaces 'Between Realities' on today's show. Not a psycho episode, just a very, very chilled-one. Any thoughts? Any specific reality while listening? Let us know, maybe you'll get lucky and earn a FREE Spacemusic Album!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #42
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #42 - Between Realities -
01:12 Samuel Edsall - High Drift Sam's Website
07:25 Stormloop - Spacestation J
11:15 Navarro - J'ai reve d'un ange
14:35 James Bernard - Hidden James' Website
19:00 James Bernard - Segue I.
21:45 Scott M2+Jamie Todd - Between Realities
25:00 Samuel Edsall - Critters
30:33 Ysa Ferrer - Reves Ysa's Website
37:32 M.A.S. Productions - 3rd movement
39:25 Mortesium - Silent and Serene
43:44 Mosaik - Sunreal
50:50 Off the Sky - Beneath the ice shelf Off the Sky Website
53:37 Tracklist for today's show (100% podsafe)

* Spacemusic Newsletter? - >> send us e-mail with subject 'newsletter'
* Thank you all for comment and donations!
* Next show: November 19th 2005

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Spacemusic #41 Accidents Happen

The risks of eating while working on the computer and mixing! a Glass of wine and...SMASH! No sounds anymore :-( Technology combined with moisture resulted in this new Spacemusic show. a Nice blend of soundtracks and atmospheric tunes LIVE from the car and the studio in Rotterdam. A new month so don't forget to vote for Spacemusic at Podcastalley and get us back in the top50 again... have a GREAT week!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #41
0:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #41 - Accidents Happen
00:08 Vangelis - Blade Runner MAIN TITLES
03:55 Just the wind and the low temp + the actual accident
08:34 Pete Namlook+Off the Sky (special TC mix) - Silence/Winter's Torpid Flow
11:01 The Circular Ruins - Subspace Overdrive
13:00 Subradial - Bioloophorm(I) - part II.
17:40 ENVitre - Phano Pi
21:00 Falter - Zum Nektar und Zuruck
25:23 The Dutch weather forecast (Radio Rijnmond in the car)
26:56 Planet Boelex - Seed of Steel
33:47 Sense - View from another place
39:50 Benfay - The Carribean Bar
44:16 Digitalverein - Warme Schicht
44:56 Here it is...MACKIE ONYX1620 16 Channel Beauty :-) love it!
48:10 Propaganda - La Carna, La Morte E Il Diavolo
53:43 Tracklist for today's show
56:07 Outro... Have a GREAT week!

* Accidents Happen.. but very happy with the MACKIE replacement!
* Vote for SPACEMUSIC now! November is waiting to get us back in the top50...
* Thank you for donations, a great way of supporting this show
* Next show: November 12th 2005

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Spacemusic #40 The Radiocast (I)

NSFW - but perfectly OK for a good night of partymusic! Spacemusic proudly presents: The Radiocast LIVE from Rotterdam. Uptempo tracks performed by many artists, dance, trance, breakbeats and more... The actual broadcast will be online at soon (mp3/podcast). Details will follow. Many thanks to all people making this dream come true, you know who you are.

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #40
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #40 - The Radiocast (I) (((((NSFW/16+ ))))
00:34 The KLF - What time is love?
05:29 The Exact Radio Show Soundtrack on this podcast
06:10 Marko Fuerstenberg - Eissequenzer
09:14 4 Strings - Moving Guitar
14:56 Signum - The Timelord
23:28 Armin van Buuren - Wall of Sound
29:20 DJ Sasha - Bloodlock
36:41 Martin Donath - Plateau White District
39:48 Humate - Love Stimulation
45:21 DJ Tiesto - Just be
52:25 Private State - First

* Big shoutout to all people at RTV Rijnmond Studios for making this Spacemusic broadcast possible
* Debby for wonderful Partylistin'...You Rock&Sound good:-)
* Dennis for taking care of excellent ambientworks
* All Spacemusic listeners for voting -UPTEMPO- for this show
* Next show: November 5th 2005 - The Radiocast part deux ?

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Spacemusic #39 Motion of the Stars (Final-V)

The Final Episode of our series: 'Motion of the Stars' part V. Featuring Jason Corder (Off the Sky)- LIVE from Kentucky USA we hear this interesting (electronic)musician full of great ideas and soundpatterns. Sitting in a cafe talking about his week, his thoughts and why he's doing lots of styles - groovy, ambient, dark, obscure...enjoy this full hour show together with Jason and TC!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #39
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #39 - Motion of the Stars (Final -V)
03:43 Nonlineair Surface Tensions
08:51 Interview with Jason Corder: the beginning...
11:44 Beneath the Ice Shelf
20:48 Interview with Jason Corder: picture his week...
23:23 Seratone (Rework)
29:11 Interview with Jason Corder: observing and looking at the world...
31:12 Gyre of Time
34:23 Through time stained Windows
41:42 Interview with Jason Corder: Upcoming projects...
44:20 Makers Folly
52:43 Steamtunnel
58:02 Interview with Jason Corder: Website and details
58:57 Agonic Drift

* Big shoutout to Jason Corder! Keep them coming...:-)
* Prelisten his tracks at Databloem Records
* Thanks for listening to the Motion of the Stars series
* Spacemusic broadcast on October 29th, just after midnight...
* Next show: October 29th

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Spacemusic #38 My place or Yours?

People meet people. Women meet men. Men meet women. This is a lovely way for sharing certain feelings; love, joy, anger, fear, sorrow, pain, happyness...very natural indeed and this can even be big fun:-) When you meet someone new, this -click- doesn't always come as standard with the whole package. A Lack of interest maybe, another way of living that you both have, a big difference between ages or whatever reasons. But when the magical -click- actually appears, you could go and enter the next level...Step into the light that today's show brings you! Exploring the other person and observe real close what he/she is feeling. Don't be afraid of something new is the motto here. Open-up and let your heart speak and be honest with eachother. Ofcourse this is easier said than done but hey! When you do...You might get at a certain point in this exciting story where you'll ask 'My place or Yours?' love *TC*

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #38
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #38 - My place or Yours?
01:11 'Seed of Steel' by Planet Boelex
08:49 Hi! Family Box for 15 euro brings us 3 days of good food...
10:50 'My life in ecstacy' by Navarro
14:06 'Iriaho' by ENVitre
20:35 'New Life' by James Bernard
26:11 Pete Namlook introduces us to the 'Master of the Sky'
34:24 'Ntr T Nw Wrld' by Jochem Paap and Pete Namlook (!)
38:02 Planet Boelex revisits us... with 'Shower Curtain'
44:11 'Mindlab' by Pete Namlook (don't we just love his music..?!)
53:15 'The Spaceman with the Fruit pie' by Planet Nett vs. Spintronic
59:47 The Tracklist for today's show and some comment....Thanks for listening!

* Big shoutout to all people that responded on show #37 (Lucid Dreams)
* Samuel Edsall for the illustration of this week's episode!
* Cabguy for driving with Spacemusic on the speakers...
* Melissa for sharing thoughts & feelings :-)
* Next show: October 22nd 2005

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