Spacemusic #32 Floating Fairy Tale

Up here, it's all very clear... Human Beings take their time for getting used to new technology and new environments. Too much of technology? Too much of human beings? Or is it simply too difficult getting all together in great harmony? We just got back in time by re-podcasting fresh mp3's again. Listen to the results... A Floating Fairy Tale for today's show. Listen carefully and you might hear the voice inside yourself; searching for a place to be, trying to integrate technology into your life, or maybe stick to your best habit? Anyway, enjoy this Tale forever!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #32
00:00 Welcome to Episode #32
00:15 'Sphere-1" by Gulan
03:00 'The Truth' by JL Theory
07:55 'Str8nge Boi' by Loser
12:50 'Rainflower' by Lammergeyer
14:10 'Realm of Possibility (V)' by The Circular Ruins
19:30 'New York State of Theta' by Loser
24:00 'Plateau' by Mosaik
29:00 'String of Pearls' by Spacetime Continuum
34:30 'Blowtang' by Double Muffled Dolphin
37:54 'Tales of the Future' by Vangelis
42:00 'Air I' by Pete Namlook
47:54 'Girl in the Bubble (for Jill)' by Canton
54:29 Thank you for comments/e-mail!

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Spacemusic #31 Motion of the Stars (III)

Years ago during the mid 90's: discovering a few albums you can play over and over again without the tracks getting boring... On today's Spacemusic Show we proudly present a very special guest star: James Bernard. His famous ambient album 'Atmospherics' is one of the most precious items in the *TC* collection. James tells us about his work, his career as a music-software designer/musician and we discuss his most creative and imaginary dreamcatchers. Timeless. They never fail!

For all ages, for all people, join this episode of Spacemusic, part III of the series 'Motion of the Stars'.

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Spacemusic #30 Deep Dish Delight

Saturdaynight? Spacemusicnight! No matter what you are doing, working, lying in bed, havin' a good time with friends and family, thinking about your day, staring through a blurry window maybe... its (space)music connecting us all together in a special way; Spacemusic proudly presents show number 30 of the Spacemusic Podcast! With many thanks to all our listeners, our comment posting people *** Feel free to support this podcast like many others do! Everyone's invited again, some -deep dish delight- for you, from Rotterdam, with love.

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Spacemusic #29 Make it Happen

Non-stop episode with the best of (uptempo) electronic tracks suitable for any occasion. LIVE from Rotterdam with a very small figure at the temperature display... only 18 Dg.C.

A Big Thanks to all our listeners! You're supporting us in so many great ways; you know who you are. This weeks show we're gonna 'Make it Happen' again...Have fun with the music and please stay subscribed, God bless our friends.

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