Spacemusic #60 License to Chill From Rotterdam: this is the last Spacemusic Podcast for the time being. Tune-in everybody, download as much as you can! Artists like Ascian, Recue, Navarro, S.G. Schubert, Ysa Ferrer.... Quality ambient. great soundtracks and thrilling spacemusic during this extra long episode, especially made for this occasion.

Big thanks to:
Databloem Records: Dennis Knopper and Anthony Paul Kerby
Digitally Imported Radio: James Colin (this show will be broadcast via the ambient-channel on Monday, June 19th 20:00 CET)

Tnx all Listeners for support/ downloading/ donating and believing in the Spacemusic Podcast, your comments, e-mails, hours and hours of listening...

I've been producing this show for 15 months now. Hours of listening to electronic music, downloading, searching for the right stuff to put on my show. Very tough sometimes. Tough because of my definition of ' spacemusic' . I only podcast music when the music moves me. Moving music in such a way that I really remember the song after hearing it only once... That makes the music folder complete with all good tunes inside of it. However, Spacemusic Podcasts consists of more than that -a flow-.  A Story. A chance to tell people what i want to share with them: feelings/events/thoughts that are being reflected by those hi-quality tunes.

The best results? 'Lucid Dreams' , 'Around the World in 33 minutes...' , 'Honour the Victims...' , 'VERGI Hotel' , 'Motion of the Stars series', 'Like a Prayer' , 'Happy New Music Year' , 'Farmerland' and today's show. The soundseeing tours are definately one of my favourites, though not every listener appreciates all the talking while great music is in the background!

Anyway, I hope the overall content of 60 shows has been an interesting adventure for the public and people will remember the unique ambiance of the Spacemusic Podcast. I know it helps lots of listeners to relax and decompress from stress and daily hurries and that's great to hear! Creativity survives and will result in another project this year so my guess is... it's worth to stay tuned.

Thanks! *TC*
Direct download: spacemusic-2006-06-17.m4a
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Spacemusic #59 File under INSOMNIA Music you might have heard during a dream ... or was it when you were awake? Hi! Welcome to a new Spacemusic world - File under INSOMNIA - based on a true story. Incredible good tracks performed by Recue, I Awake, Loscil, DreamSTATE and many others. Beautiful collexxion of electronic music artists to keep you company whenever it suits you. Have a good night of sleep after the show.
Direct download: spacemusic-2006-05-27.m4a
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:35pm CET

Spacemusic #58 Great Expectations Music = music ; Electronic Music = Great Expectations --- Our world is full of stories. Stories composed by events themselves, whatever part of this globe you are... everybody knows them by heart. The good and the bad. This episode is about leaving your 'known' bag with history behind for a moment...then fill-up a new box with the best and most positive wishes you can imagine. Live your dream, live your passion and come up with (probably) unexpected ideas and solutions. Isn't this what life should be all about? Spacemusic #58 supports you with love... because, there's already enough damage and garbage waiting for you if you're just waiting for things to happen... accept this show and feel good. Explore! Take care.
Direct download: spacemusic-2006-05-15.m4a
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Spacemusic #57 The Shy, the Sad and the Busy Your bi-monthly (delicious) electronic entertainment from Rotterdam! Today's theme: busy people on this globe. Letting their computers do the downloading, full stop. Silence covers the sky. Killing us softly. New thing to explore! More action. Try our new and unique tool at the Spacemusic Podcasting website: the MessageBox -  where you may respond to our shows, say hi to everyone and exchange 'life'... Your voice on our podcast; real Podcast Interaction, have fun with it! Thanks: photo by Mike Kazmierczak (USA, TC's place near Clayton)

Direct download: spacemusic-2006-04-29.m4a
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Spacemusic #56 Mellow Moods The perfect grooves for your perfect day. After a very ambient session in 'Lucid Dreams 2' it's time for some movements... A great substitute for the low temperature in The Netherlands and other countries: people are slidely going mad here! April is way too cold in Holland. Absorb today's show and try the Xtreme tasty 'Tuna Delight' (infosheet#56) for powering-up your body and soul again... It's for free: Mellow Moods
Direct download: spacemusic-2006-04-12.m4a
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Spacemusic #54 Pandora's Box Let's share together today: the most beautiful electronic music, human beings were able to spot potential liquid water on a Saturn moon, a little story 'bout this gorgious and first mortal woman made out of earth and water and a nice meal to satisfy your hungry needs! Splendid surprises all within today's Spacemusic box. Take it easy, don't eat too much...
Direct download: spacemusic-2006-03-15.m4b
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Spacemusic #52 Destiny...

Who knows about our Destiny? Did you ever feel like you've been at a place somewhere before? A Place where you did feel safe? "Hey, I know I'm on the right track" and all's coming together like a huge positive energy inside your body & mind? Maybe, you've been experiencing some sort of Destiny... If this makes you feel that good...why run away from it and change Destiny? Enjoy today's episode of the Spacemusic Podcast: comfortable and safe. 100% Podsafe ofcourse :-)

Direct download: spacemusic-2006-02-15.m4b
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Spacemusic #51 Farmerland

Impressions. Today on the Spacemusic Podcast, enjoy sights and sounds together with TC as he 's visiting BERCY in PARIS. He's visiting BERCY for a reason ofcourse: Mylene Farmer is doing her LIVE concerts 'Avant Que L'Ombre...' only in Bercy. Concerts for 13 times in Bercy completely sold out!

Mylene Farmer, NRJ Award winner for ' Best French Artist' and her album 'Avant Que L'ombre...". The most famous French Pop Diva on this planet right now and Spacemusic makes a tribute to her for this special occasion. What's the match with Spacemusic? Just listen, a TC's soundscape for your mind, body and soul.

Inspired by Paris, inspired by Mylene and the fantastic trip to Bercy, Spacemusic will bring you a reflection of this journey on today's Spacemusic show #51!

Check out pictures of the Bercy-trip HERE

Direct download: spacemusic-2006-02-01.m4a
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Spacemusic #50 Crossroads

The NEW Spacemusic format for 2006 is a fact! -Crossroads- brings you ambient, lounge, soundtracks, atmospherics...all together in the AAC/chapter style. MP3 is history :: read our lips :: The adventure continues, 100% podsafe with tracks by Ochre, Anyma, Nicola Hitchcock (Yes, the voice of Mandalay) Many thanks to all listeners sending us e-mail with best wishes for 2006. You know who you are. Next show: end of January 2006.

>>> photo by: Marco Molitor <<

Direct download: spacemusic-2006-01-15.m4a
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Spacemusic #49 Happy New Music Year!

Here it is... Part II of the Special Spacemusic Podcast on New Year's Eve! Meet Rotterdam with lots of fireworks, greetings on the show by Spacemusic listeners and lots, lots of very hi-quality (uptempo)music... Meet the kind of balls as illustrated on the picture, we eat those things especially on New Year's Eve, we call them 'Oliebollen'. Tastes very sweet and stimulating, like this first podcast for 2006! Cheers everyone!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #49
00:00 Welcome Back...! Spacemusic #49 New Year's Eve part 2
01:42 Planet Boelex - Beskraj website
06:36 Windows are Wide Open!
10:00 Point of origin = Rotterdam/The Netherlands...let the Party begin! (no more details)

*** HAPPY NEW YEAR *** to all Spacemusic Listeners and everybody out there...
Thank you for listening to this DOUBLE Spacemusic Episode

Direct download: spacemusic-2006-01-01.mp3
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Spacemusic #48 The Best of 2005

Good evening! From Rotterdam we present the Special edition of the New Year's Eve podcast. Spacemusic looks back at 2005 with the best tracks smoothly coming through the speakers :-) Off the Sky, Sonarfreq, Planet Boelex and other great electronic / ambient music. We kick-off with Casave snacks as we slowly move towards... New Year at 0:00 hrs. First enjoy part1, tomorrow there will be part2. Audio feedback is still very welcome, send us your best wishes now! MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF to: Prepare for the New Year celebration, via the Spacemusic Podcast. Cheers everyone! Local time now = 6:11 PM december 31st 2005

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #48
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #48 -The best of 2005-
03:35 Off the Sky - Cold distances to a warm place website
09:12 Sonarfreq - Omnipresence website
12:15 Off the Sky - Red Tides
18:04 ENV(itre) - Qulina
19:53 Rymdlego - I realize
24:03 Planet Boelex - Swamp Gas pt. 2 website
27:08 Xhale - Earlier Today
32:50 Journeyman - MaMa 6
40:48 Off the Sky - Through time stained Windows
44:22 Late Night Snacks...
45:50 James Bernard - Euph website

For the conclusion:
download Spacemusic #49..... available as soon as possible :-)

Cheers everyone!

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-12-31.mp3
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Spacemusic #47 Like a Prayer

Almost done with this year...We pray for your health and wisdom. Christmas Eve brings you a very pleasant mix of the best ambient and electronic music. Lots of candlelights, relaxing atmosphere, helping you to -get out for a moment- especially during your Christmas holidays! Tune in and enjoy 100% podsafe tracks by Anyma, Frodefisk, Spielerei and many more... All warmth and best wishes to you listeners, from Pluto till the Sun, that's what has to be done... Merry Christmas and enjoy listening to Spacemusic #47 -Like a Prayer-

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #47
00:00 Jingle Bells! Burps...JoHo!
00:44 Welcome to Spacemusic #47 - Like a Prayer-
03:23 Color by Numbers - Opus momentus
07:19 Brett Hutcheson - Valley of the Ice Castles
12:30 Gulan - Cosmophonia
15:41 Anyma - I am
19:35 Rettward von Doernberg - Night Drive
25:12 Frodefisk - Gateway of India
30:00 Anyma - Free me
35:08 Selffish - Elusive
40:42 Frodefisk - ID Submerged
43:40 Spielerei - Renovation
46:46 Sonic7 - The Day the Earth stood still
52:19 James Bernard - Seque 3 (New Life)
55:00 Tracklist for the Christmas Episode...
59:50 James Bernard - Nostalgic Moment

Next Show: December 31st 2005 - New Year's Eve

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-12-24.mp3
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Spacemusic #46 Dark Side of the Mood

Too bad we're not allowed to play any music we want... ofcourse all podcasting people are familiar with this stupid rule! The BUMA organisation here in The Netherlands doesn't offer any kind of regulation for podcasting music. They promised us a construction, paying a monthly fee and in return playing all available music. This was a couple of months ago but now... even musicians are not allowed to play their own songs on a podcast !!! Are they for real ?!

Today's show is 100% podsafe and hi-quality. Many thanks to all artists! Music performed by the Overkillers, Turnus, Migloje, TC and many more...Enjoy this hour and let's hope everything turns out fine #46 -The Dark Side of the Mood-

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #46
00:00 Welcome! Spacemusic #46...Dark Side of the Mood
03:37 Overkillers - Overkillers for Spacemusic Overkillers Website
08:30 Digitalis - Basis
11:54 Turnus - Distances
18:20 Turnus - Valedictions II
23:20 Spintronic - Electrostatic
28:10 Migloje - Melloyya
32:21 TC - Navigator Spacemusic Website
42:15 Navarro - Dors Bien
45:48 Mantacoup - Bern Databloem Releases
46:59 Mosaik - Papillio
51:24 Nice coffee :-) Senseo and the tracklist for today's show...

picture show #46 taken by Marco from Germany >>many thanks<< and edited by Yours Truly
Next show: december 24th 2005 ***Xmas-Eve***

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-12-10.mp3
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Spacemusic #45 Speechless

December 2005; another year has almost passed by. Let's celebrate and have good times with friends, family and our beloved. Spacemusic wants to share with you one of the greatest gifts of life, especially during this time of the year: MUSIC. Today's podcast contains a full hour of electronic entertainment, music only... "Speechless". For You.

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #45
00:00 Motionfield - Falling in stillness
02:10 Motionfield - Northern Sky
06:46 Migloje - Nashtee
10:34 Planet Boelex - Planet Bee
18:25 Benfay - Allein unter den Arkaden
24:50 Sternenspringer - Condition
29:16 Sense - Plink
31:56 M'Grund - Ist wohl mehr positiv
36:25 M'Grund - Induvish
39:41 Spielerei - Mistaken Identity
42:30 The Circular Ruins - Realm of Possibility (IX)
46:42 Amir Baghiri - Lonosphere
52:00 Migloje - Ammbisso Flat
56:56 Migloje - Acee

(picture show #45 taken by Timo from Finland, many thanks!)

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-12-03.mp3
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Spacemusic #43 Rendez-Vous

Where? On your player or computer. What time? When it suits you. What's it about? Electronic Entertainment...from Rotterdam. Today's show #43, meet Navarro, James bernard, Normally Invisible and TC on screen...An extra dimension brought to you by Thank you for subscribing and staying with us!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #43
00:00 Isao Tomita - The girl with the flaxen hair
03:31 Welcome to Spacemusic #43 *Rendez-Vous* (live
04:55 Navarro - Hope and Time
08:27 Navarro - Jeudi
12:48 James Bernard - Segue 5 (newest release 'New Life')
14:32 James Bernard - Song for my Girls (Baby's coming up!)
20:26 Sternenspringer - Next Station
25:57 Mindflower - Dropdown
30:45 Normally Invisible - What Remains (Buy Album)
38:00 Selffish - demo
43:23 Subradial - Travelling (Databloem release)
50:43 Tracklist for today's show...choose for audio/video! LOL!

* Shoutouts to: James Bernard * Selffish * Navarro
* The videocast:
* Thank you all for comment and donations!
* Next show: November 26th 2005
* All feedback =

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-11-19.mp3
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Spacemusic #42 Between Realities

"There's no other reality but your own", once I've heard this line and it sticks with me forever. So this means, everybody has a different version of 'reality' as people are all different. Many different thoughts, feelings and points of view; Spacemusic in search of these so called spaces 'Between Realities' on today's show. Not a psycho episode, just a very, very chilled-one. Any thoughts? Any specific reality while listening? Let us know, maybe you'll get lucky and earn a FREE Spacemusic Album!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #42
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #42 - Between Realities -
01:12 Samuel Edsall - High Drift Sam's Website
07:25 Stormloop - Spacestation J
11:15 Navarro - J'ai reve d'un ange
14:35 James Bernard - Hidden James' Website
19:00 James Bernard - Segue I.
21:45 Scott M2+Jamie Todd - Between Realities
25:00 Samuel Edsall - Critters
30:33 Ysa Ferrer - Reves Ysa's Website
37:32 M.A.S. Productions - 3rd movement
39:25 Mortesium - Silent and Serene
43:44 Mosaik - Sunreal
50:50 Off the Sky - Beneath the ice shelf Off the Sky Website
53:37 Tracklist for today's show (100% podsafe)

* Spacemusic Newsletter? - >> send us e-mail with subject 'newsletter'
* Thank you all for comment and donations!
* Next show: November 19th 2005

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-11-12.mp3
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Spacemusic #41 Accidents Happen

The risks of eating while working on the computer and mixing! a Glass of wine and...SMASH! No sounds anymore :-( Technology combined with moisture resulted in this new Spacemusic show. a Nice blend of soundtracks and atmospheric tunes LIVE from the car and the studio in Rotterdam. A new month so don't forget to vote for Spacemusic at Podcastalley and get us back in the top50 again... have a GREAT week!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #41
0:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #41 - Accidents Happen
00:08 Vangelis - Blade Runner MAIN TITLES
03:55 Just the wind and the low temp + the actual accident
08:34 Pete Namlook+Off the Sky (special TC mix) - Silence/Winter's Torpid Flow
11:01 The Circular Ruins - Subspace Overdrive
13:00 Subradial - Bioloophorm(I) - part II.
17:40 ENVitre - Phano Pi
21:00 Falter - Zum Nektar und Zuruck
25:23 The Dutch weather forecast (Radio Rijnmond in the car)
26:56 Planet Boelex - Seed of Steel
33:47 Sense - View from another place
39:50 Benfay - The Carribean Bar
44:16 Digitalverein - Warme Schicht
44:56 Here it is...MACKIE ONYX1620 16 Channel Beauty :-) love it!
48:10 Propaganda - La Carna, La Morte E Il Diavolo
53:43 Tracklist for today's show
56:07 Outro... Have a GREAT week!

* Accidents Happen.. but very happy with the MACKIE replacement!
* Vote for SPACEMUSIC now! November is waiting to get us back in the top50...
* Thank you for donations, a great way of supporting this show
* Next show: November 12th 2005

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-11-05.mp3
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Spacemusic #40 The Radiocast (I)

NSFW - but perfectly OK for a good night of partymusic! Spacemusic proudly presents: The Radiocast LIVE from Rotterdam. Uptempo tracks performed by many artists, dance, trance, breakbeats and more... The actual broadcast will be online at soon (mp3/podcast). Details will follow. Many thanks to all people making this dream come true, you know who you are.

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #40
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #40 - The Radiocast (I) (((((NSFW/16+ ))))
00:34 The KLF - What time is love?
05:29 The Exact Radio Show Soundtrack on this podcast
06:10 Marko Fuerstenberg - Eissequenzer
09:14 4 Strings - Moving Guitar
14:56 Signum - The Timelord
23:28 Armin van Buuren - Wall of Sound
29:20 DJ Sasha - Bloodlock
36:41 Martin Donath - Plateau White District
39:48 Humate - Love Stimulation
45:21 DJ Tiesto - Just be
52:25 Private State - First

* Big shoutout to all people at RTV Rijnmond Studios for making this Spacemusic broadcast possible
* Debby for wonderful Partylistin'...You Rock&Sound good:-)
* Dennis for taking care of excellent ambientworks
* All Spacemusic listeners for voting -UPTEMPO- for this show
* Next show: November 5th 2005 - The Radiocast part deux ?

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-10-30.mp3
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Spacemusic #39 Motion of the Stars (Final-V)

The Final Episode of our series: 'Motion of the Stars' part V. Featuring Jason Corder (Off the Sky)- LIVE from Kentucky USA we hear this interesting (electronic)musician full of great ideas and soundpatterns. Sitting in a cafe talking about his week, his thoughts and why he's doing lots of styles - groovy, ambient, dark, obscure...enjoy this full hour show together with Jason and TC!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #39
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #39 - Motion of the Stars (Final -V)
03:43 Nonlineair Surface Tensions
08:51 Interview with Jason Corder: the beginning...
11:44 Beneath the Ice Shelf
20:48 Interview with Jason Corder: picture his week...
23:23 Seratone (Rework)
29:11 Interview with Jason Corder: observing and looking at the world...
31:12 Gyre of Time
34:23 Through time stained Windows
41:42 Interview with Jason Corder: Upcoming projects...
44:20 Makers Folly
52:43 Steamtunnel
58:02 Interview with Jason Corder: Website and details
58:57 Agonic Drift

* Big shoutout to Jason Corder! Keep them coming...:-)
* Prelisten his tracks at Databloem Records
* Thanks for listening to the Motion of the Stars series
* Spacemusic broadcast on October 29th, just after midnight...
* Next show: October 29th

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-10-22.mp3
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Spacemusic #38 My place or Yours?

People meet people. Women meet men. Men meet women. This is a lovely way for sharing certain feelings; love, joy, anger, fear, sorrow, pain, happyness...very natural indeed and this can even be big fun:-) When you meet someone new, this -click- doesn't always come as standard with the whole package. A Lack of interest maybe, another way of living that you both have, a big difference between ages or whatever reasons. But when the magical -click- actually appears, you could go and enter the next level...Step into the light that today's show brings you! Exploring the other person and observe real close what he/she is feeling. Don't be afraid of something new is the motto here. Open-up and let your heart speak and be honest with eachother. Ofcourse this is easier said than done but hey! When you do...You might get at a certain point in this exciting story where you'll ask 'My place or Yours?' love *TC*

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #38
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #38 - My place or Yours?
01:11 'Seed of Steel' by Planet Boelex
08:49 Hi! Family Box for 15 euro brings us 3 days of good food...
10:50 'My life in ecstacy' by Navarro
14:06 'Iriaho' by ENVitre
20:35 'New Life' by James Bernard
26:11 Pete Namlook introduces us to the 'Master of the Sky'
34:24 'Ntr T Nw Wrld' by Jochem Paap and Pete Namlook (!)
38:02 Planet Boelex revisits us... with 'Shower Curtain'
44:11 'Mindlab' by Pete Namlook (don't we just love his music..?!)
53:15 'The Spaceman with the Fruit pie' by Planet Nett vs. Spintronic
59:47 The Tracklist for today's show and some comment....Thanks for listening!

* Big shoutout to all people that responded on show #37 (Lucid Dreams)
* Samuel Edsall for the illustration of this week's episode!
* Cabguy for driving with Spacemusic on the speakers...
* Melissa for sharing thoughts & feelings :-)
* Next show: October 22nd 2005

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-10-15.mp3
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Spacemusic #36 VERGI HOTEL

Almost 4 hrs of flying from Amsterdam... Cyprus. This is the Spacemusic report LIVE from this Island during our vacation. Lots of sunshine and high temperatures, around 33C. Beautiful people, great food, excellent climate, perfect for relaxation and back to nature. However, not very nice for your bankaccount, Cypriot Pounds flow like crazy! Enjoy today's show and look for details into the mp3 (Songtext tab) Cheers everybody

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #36
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #36 - VERGI HOTEL (live...from Cyprus)
03:00 Take-off!
03:36 Prophetrance (demomix, don't ask us title cause we don't have any clue...)
06:41 Anyma plays 'I am'
10:47 Somewhere on the beach...(33C.air/26C.water)
17:23 Randall Cousins plays 'Distant Memories'
20:10 Mosaik plays 'Plateau'
24:12 Snakes and Chameleon
26:45 Vangelis plays 'Monastery of La Rabida'
29:55 Edward Shearmur plays '4th of July'
33:30 Mantacoup plays 'Bern'
35:00 L.S.G. plays 'Concatenation'
42:54 Pete Namlook plays 'The night before I left'
52:10 Arrival at the Vergi Hotel for the last evening
55:20 Roger Sanchez plays 'Another Chance'
59:45 Wil je 'm ook even aaien..? ***

* Many thanks to all people on the Island of Cyprus
* Helios Airways = a very pleasant flight my friends!
* Big shoutout to Debby and Ferry for company and great cappucino drinking :-)
* Next show: October 8th

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-10-01.mp3
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Spacemusic #35 food for fun

35 times your favourite music and entertainment...from Rotterdam! You like food too? Do you want to know all about tomatoe and cheese improvising? Today's Spacemusic episode is all about yammi tastes:-) and the fun it brings us. While you're listening this podcast, Spacemusic had lift-off to Cyprus for holiday celebration! Watch out for reports later on. That is ofcourse, after we've returned to Rotterdam. By the way, we fly HELIOS AIRWAYS(!) so we're not sure to return anyway. Travel details: Friday sept. 16th 2005 - 12:00PM - flight ZU573/2 Amsterdam-Larnaca

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #35
00:00 Welcome to Spacemusic #35 - food for fun
00:48 'Among Plants' by Mosaik
06:27 Spacemusic Gmail account + hungry!
12:00 'We all fall down' by Lammergeyer
17:31 'Sirasancerre' by Bola
20:35 potatoes,beef,vegetables,apples,tomatoe snacks, don't forget Basilicum Pesto!
26:36 'Planea' by Fernando Lagreca
31:32 'Bloomsday' by MOC
35:50 'Through Time Stained Windows' by Off the Sky
42:54 'Pleasure Principal' by Jean-michel Jarre
48:52 Playlist for today's show...
51:57 'Cold distances to a warm plate' by Off the Sky

* Next show: October 1st 2005 because of the Spacemusic vacation
* Thank you all for donations and voting!
* Check out the latest releases:
* All feedback:

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-09-17.mp3
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Spacemusic #34 Private Dancer

Late September Summer here in the Netherlands, lots of hi temperatures, lots of sweat and again some heavy thunderstorms last night...Like the music for today's show: uptempo with an unpredictable twist! Private Dancer brings you a nice groovy flow of (most)podsafe dancemusic followed by some serious chillout. Have a look into the 'songtext tab' in iTunes for the Music Cue Sheet. Don't pay attention to this cold I had while doing the show, you'll be sweating anyway!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #34
00:00 'I found you' by Interstate
04:22 Welcome to Spacemusic #34 - UPTEMPO!
05:24 'Seratone' by Jason Corder
11:22 'FLushbed' by Benfay (Jason Corder REMIX)
17:18 'Deja Hue' by Jason Corder
25:10 'Laguna' by Brian Cage
29:00 'Ride' by Timm Kawohl
34:00 'Acid Eifel' by Choice
45:30 'Ebb&Flow' by Off the Sky
47:50 'Chill in Chill out' by Tetsu Inoue
58:00 brings me Joy / Tracklist for today's Show

* Info: opening #31 - Costa Europa / Vangelis performs 'Alexander'
* Thank you all for donations!
* Thank you for Voting for Spacemusic at
* Hot days combined with the cold....brings you SWEAT :-(
* Next show: September 17th 2005

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-09-10.mp3
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Spacemusic #33 Motion of the Stars (IV)

Spacemusic is always looking for good music, talented artists, electronic musicians, ambient lovers, atmospheric enrichments...The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer projects is just what you need to hear! Cinematic and Atmospheric Ambient Music, all Databloem releases. "continuously exploring and after a mood, a wonderful movie about yourself!" (TC)

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #33
00:00 Welcome to Episode #33 - Motion of the Stars part IV
03:47 'Sway" by Sketch
14:47 Interview with APK (I)
17:35 'Holiday in Reality' by TCR
22:30 Interview with APK (II)
25:25 'Where the Sea ends' by Lammergeyer
30:05 Interview with APK (III)
31:25 'Degrees of Separation' by TCR
38:42 Interview with APK (IV)
40:46 'Harmonic' by Lammergeyer
45:10 Interview with APK (V)
48:26 'The Dead' by TCR
53:12 Web&Mail - Thanks APK!
54:36 'The Circle of Life' by TCR

All information and details about THE CIRCULAR RUINS / LAMMERGEYER

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-09-03.mp3
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Spacemusic #32 Floating Fairy Tale

Up here, it's all very clear... Human Beings take their time for getting used to new technology and new environments. Too much of technology? Too much of human beings? Or is it simply too difficult getting all together in great harmony? We just got back in time by re-podcasting fresh mp3's again. Listen to the results... A Floating Fairy Tale for today's show. Listen carefully and you might hear the voice inside yourself; searching for a place to be, trying to integrate technology into your life, or maybe stick to your best habit? Anyway, enjoy this Tale forever!

MUSIC CUE SHEET for show #32
00:00 Welcome to Episode #32
00:15 'Sphere-1" by Gulan
03:00 'The Truth' by JL Theory
07:55 'Str8nge Boi' by Loser
12:50 'Rainflower' by Lammergeyer
14:10 'Realm of Possibility (V)' by The Circular Ruins
19:30 'New York State of Theta' by Loser
24:00 'Plateau' by Mosaik
29:00 'String of Pearls' by Spacetime Continuum
34:30 'Blowtang' by Double Muffled Dolphin
37:54 'Tales of the Future' by Vangelis
42:00 'Air I' by Pete Namlook
47:54 'Girl in the Bubble (for Jill)' by Canton
54:29 Thank you for comments/e-mail!

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-08-27.mp3
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Spacemusic #31 Motion of the Stars (III)

Years ago during the mid 90's: discovering a few albums you can play over and over again without the tracks getting boring... On today's Spacemusic Show we proudly present a very special guest star: James Bernard. His famous ambient album 'Atmospherics' is one of the most precious items in the *TC* collection. James tells us about his work, his career as a music-software designer/musician and we discuss his most creative and imaginary dreamcatchers. Timeless. They never fail!

For all ages, for all people, join this episode of Spacemusic, part III of the series 'Motion of the Stars'.

mp3-version of Spacemusic#31 at

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-08-20.m4a
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Spacemusic #30 Deep Dish Delight

Saturdaynight? Spacemusicnight! No matter what you are doing, working, lying in bed, havin' a good time with friends and family, thinking about your day, staring through a blurry window maybe... its (space)music connecting us all together in a special way; Spacemusic proudly presents show number 30 of the Spacemusic Podcast! With many thanks to all our listeners, our comment posting people *** Feel free to support this podcast like many others do! Everyone's invited again, some -deep dish delight- for you, from Rotterdam, with love.

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-08-13.m4a
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Spacemusic #29 Make it Happen

Non-stop episode with the best of (uptempo) electronic tracks suitable for any occasion. LIVE from Rotterdam with a very small figure at the temperature display... only 18 Dg.C.

A Big Thanks to all our listeners! You're supporting us in so many great ways; you know who you are. This weeks show we're gonna 'Make it Happen' again...Have fun with the music and please stay subscribed, God bless our friends.

mp3-version of Spacemusic#29 at

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-08-06.m4a
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Spacemusic #28 Motion of the Stars (II)

The Summer Series Special part II; Spacemusic brings you (new)talented (electronic) musicians from all over the world. On today's show: Sonarfreq from the UK. The first half an hour of this episode contains the very best relaxing ambient and soundtrack files by Selffish, Stormloop, Randall Cousins and many others... Enjoy the music and thank you for supporting the Spacemusic podcast!

mp3-version of Spacemusic#28 at

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-07-30.m4a
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Spacemusic #27 London Tube

Same place, same images, same terror, for Gods sake...Stop it! London Tube - for the second time in a very short period - this episode of Spacemusic is dedicated to all people involved/ victims of attacks. Unfortunately, not only London is on the list of these SICK and INSANE terrorists.

To all healthy people out there: Let's keep in mind to stay cool and alert. Bomb attacks may not get in control of our thoughts and feelings! Some more love, from Rotterdam, to you, enjoy today's show, which is TC's birthday by the way :-)

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-07-23.m4a
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:14am CET

Spacemusic #26 Motion of the Stars (I)

Spacemusic Summer Series Special...a mouth full of the greatest entertainment! Spacemusic launches the -Motion of the Stars- series. Great new music you've probably never heard before! Upcoming and talented musicians telling you about themselves, about their daily life and what makes them compose and perform good tracks. Today is part I/V: elipsis1 from North Carolina, USA. All details and information is now available on your screen! Spacemusic offers you an ENHANCED PODCAST, don't try this at home... Cheers! TC

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-07-16.m4a
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:07pm CET

Spacemusic #25 Deja Vu

The greatest Spacemusic! #25 is online now. A journey to the ultimate spacemusic quadrant brings you a nice compilation of previously podcasted sounds. A full hour of relaxing electronic music. Tracks by Sonarfreq, James Bernard, Mutagene, Spielerei and many more! Everyone's invited. For all these moments so very valuable in your daily life...because the world is more than just this planet.

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-07-09.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:22am CET

Spacemusic #23 Pools and Tools

The best you can do when its all hot-and-sunshine? Jump into the Spacemusic pool for the best Cool-Down you've ever had! This Saturday Spacemusic show is all about soundseeing, troubles with scooters when riding your bike and electronic music by Spielerei, ASCIAN and M.A.S. productions. Everyone's invited. Picture displayed: Heinenoordtunnel, Binnenmaas pool and Haringvlietbridge. Enjoy :-)

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-06-25.mp3
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Spacemusic #21 Saturday Night Light

Fascinated with Light and Music? Listen to this first Spacemusic Saturday Night show! Led-Spheres shine for us and show us the path to the ultimate dream come a fountain you've always wanted to feel. All details and information, look for the Shownotes #21. Everyone's invited! Picture displayed: The Blue Led-Sphere

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-06-11.mp3
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Spacemusic #19 Organic meets Technology

Who said anything about electronic music being too cold or behaving like static sounds out of a box...? Wrong! Just listen to this episode of Spacemusic and discover a whole lot more about this genre. Interesting interview with one of the most creative and organic electronic music labels out there: Databloem. A very impressive collection of ambient tracks in your ears you'll never forget... (has been temp. offline because of little mixup in artists/tracks -Collection I- , this time it all matches reality again) Picture Displayed: example of collectors item, a bag full of Databloem goodies!

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-05-26.mp3
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True Romance, Hard Times...

! WARNING: Not Safe For Work/16+/SBE !
Temperature-drop in The Netherlands, how do you stay in a healthy condition? Most of all, how do you stay warm on the inside when its so chilly on the outside...Spacemusic presents: True Romance, Hard Times (love?)a musical reflection of the daily life in Rotterdam at the beginning of April...mind your throat!

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-04-05.mp3
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Preserve The Earth if You can?

After a few days in Space, it gives you some thoughts...Why are we consuming and partial abusing so much of energy on our planet instead of truly thinking about the future? We only have one planet, please remind this during the time you live here? You're not the only one who loves to get some comfort and good times on this globe... Another mix of electronic welfare with a warning but also the best of quality for all serious listeners out there!

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-04-01.mp3
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Around the World in 33 minutes...

We go into orbit around Earth and other beautiful places. Possibly you have never been here before LIVE with *TC*. Inspiring and relaxing episode of Spacemusic on todays 33 minute flight. -Houston, we have a Podcast! - and its great...

Picture displayed: Yours Truly staring at camera.

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-03-29.mp3
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Easter in Space!

Welcome! After a convincing presentation by the Apple crew in Hilversum, TC now mixes his tunes and ambiances using Logic. Today's mix of electronic music turned out 2B a trip to the essence of qualitytime: add some 'logic' to your work but always remember to preserve the good vibes...

Easter in Space, all systems activated, ready for lift-off! This is Rotterdam on the 25th of March 2005.

Picture displayed: Screenshot Apple Logic Express 7.

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-03-25.mp3
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Montevideo Rotterdam, the Sky is the Limit!

DO NOT GET AIRSICK on this World Water Day...Introducing enormous heights during a soundseeing tour in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Excellent weather by the way, spring just got started. Check out and learn more about working, living and shopping in space.

This tour was recorded on march 21st and audiomixed a day later. We've got company like Pscychetropic, Magic Sound Fabric and Peru. Very chilled audio experiences during your first days of spring! Don't you love it? :=)

Direct download: spacemusic-2005-03-22.mp3
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